• SGANC Four-Ball Championship

    Posted on July 21st, 2010 No comments

    Registration is now available for the annual four-ball championship. This year’s event is being hosted at The Olympic Club. The event will be held on Monday and Tuesday, September 13-14, 2010.

    Download tournament invitation and entry form


    Please Note: We have a new tournament registration system. To register for this event please follow these steps:
          1) Click the link above
          2) Click the link under New Users that states “Click Here to Register” (If you registered
               for the SGANC Championship in the spring or play in NCGA tournaments and
               already have a profile you may simply log in)
          3) Once you have completed your profile you will be brought to a page with all NCGA 
               tournaments. Go to the drop down menu for Season and select 2010 SGANC     
          4) Select the tournament
          5) Submit payment

    All tournament entries are subject to approval. You will receive e-mail communication notifying you when your entry has been received and a follow up e-mail once your entry has been approved.

    If you experience difficulty registering for this event please contact us at member@ncga.org or 831-625-4653.


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    • Well with engineer, black hat, flak jceakt, millimeter scanner,and sensor grenades, campers can be brought down easier. I dont see any super OP weapon. Sure the MSMC is a bit op but its been patched twice. and because fewer guns have headshot multipliers, more people are aiming for the lower body.

    • Excellent footage, good peiepsctrve is real hard to find and you seem to have a natural ability to find that sweet spot. You may not realize though that clips well over 10 min in length are near impossible to load and view undisrupted on an iPhone. They never load and launch all the way, then get hung’ part way in if you force the video to start.

    • Eh.. Who the HECK gives a S**T about an iphone, SERIOUSLY? I mean, these rorecds are great, only thing that they lack are some zoom along the farther throws.I suggest you buy a real phone and stop using iCr*p, or just use a computer.Cheers, no offense to anyone, this is the greatest sport.

    • Tiene como primordial ventaja unos tiempos de respuestas más bajos que sus otras variantes, con lo que resultan ideales para juegos.

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