• Getting to Know 2021 President William Brennan

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    William (Willie) Brennan was born in San Francisco in 1950 and in 1951 his family moved to Sacramento when his father was employed at the Sacramento Army Depot.  He attended local schools in Sacramento and graduated high school in 1968. While attending college in 1970 he was drafted into the United States Army.

    He completed his basic training at Fort Lewis, Washington, and his advance training at the former Fort Ord near Monterey.  He completed his tour duty at a Hawk Missile Base just outside of Baumholder, Germany.  After military service he attended California State University, Sacramento and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with the concentration in Accounting.

    After graduation he worked for a local CPA firm and then went to work for the State of California.  At the State of California, he worked for the State Controller, where he was responsible for the review and reporting of financial information for California State, County, City and Special District Government Retirement Systems.  He advised and directed the California County Tax Collectors and he testified repeatedly as an expert witness on Proposition 13.

    He and his wife, Challis, currently reside in Fair Oaks (outside of Sacramento) and Pebble Beach.  He is a member of North Ridge County Club in Fair Oaks, Corral de Tiera CC and Monterey Peninsula CC.


    What are you looking forward to as SGANC president? 

    I consider it an honor and privilege to have been nominated to The Board of Governors of SGANC and serve as its president this year.  2020 was a difficult year for everyone, having both of the SGANC tournaments cancelled due to COVID-19.  I look forward to working with the Board of Governors to maintain and improve the level of quality venues for our annual tournaments. I also look forward to enjoying the beautiful premier golf courses of Northern California, and thereby attracting many new members to our association.

    How did you first get started with golf? 

    During my first year in college, I took a golf class. It was two days a week for the full semester. Our instructor taught us the fundamentals of the game, but more importantly, he taught us to practice.  Hitting balls twice a week for an hour and a half dramatically improved my game. I fell in love with the game of golf and I was then able to spend time with my college buddies both off and on the golf course.

    What was your greatest golf memory or moment?

    By far my greatest golf memory was my first hole in one.  I was playing with my father-in-law in the Goldorado Invitational Tournament at Cameron Park Country Club.

    Anything you would change with the game?

    I have not mastered the game of golf enough to presume to make changes in a sport that has been enjoyed for over 600 years.  However, like many others, I would love a free drop from a divot in the middle of the fairway.

    What is your favorite course(s) and why?

    I have two favorite courses. The first is St. Andrews (The Old Course) in Scotland.  At 600 years old, St. Andrews is the oldest and most iconic golf course in the world.  The Swilcan Bridge and Hell’s Bunker are two outstanding features of St. Andrews which make it one of the most recognized and appreciated golf courses in the world.  To this day it is open to the public.

    My second favorite golf course is Old Head Golf Links, Kinsale Co., Cork, Ireland.  Old Head Golf Links is located on some of the most remarkable golfing land in the world.  It was built on a 220-acre diamond of land jutting out over two miles into the Atlantic Ocean.  With its   300-foot cliffs, on a sunny day in Ireland, the views are spectacular. I played both courses in 2006 and I look forward to playing them again in 2022.

    What influenced you to take up golf?

    My college buddies encouraged me to play golf.  None of my family members played golf, and I worked at a young age. When my friends opened the door to golf, I was ready.

    What do you enjoy doing besides golf?

    Besides golf, I love playing Texas Hold’em which is a great card game.  I also love to travel. My wife and I have been fortunate enough to travel to many interesting locations, including   Cuba, Moscow, the Caribbean, Bermuda and Europe.  One most memorable and interesting trip was right here at home in the states. We learned about the history and the struggle of the south on a steamboat cruise up the Mississippi River.


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