• Getting to Know 2019 SGANC President Dave Pearson

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    January 30, 2019

    David Pearson


    While he was born in Los Angeles, 2019 SGANC president Dave Pearson could most definitely be described as a Valley guy. Now age 71, Pearson first moved to Visalia at the age of 7.

    ‘My father didn’t want us growing up in L.A. at the time. So we moved,” Pearson said.

    Nevertheless, Pearson took something big away from his time in L.A.. While studying Structural Engineering at UCLA, Pearson met an adviser who was a Geotechnical Engineer. The Geotechnical Engineer needed someone with survey experience. Pearson had just that.

    As it turned out, Pearson not only did his senior project with the Geotechnical Engineer, he’d be converted into a Geotechnical Engineer (basically, a civil engineer who specializes in soil mechanics).

    “Being outside a lot appealed to me,” Pearson said.

    A member at Visalia Country Club who’s now semi-retired, if Pearson isn’t golfing he can usually be found doing something with his three grandkids, or wife Susan. He and Susan have four kids of their own—Rhonda, Sheryl, Michael and Amy.


    What are you looking forward to as SGANC president?

    I like the history of the group. When I joined in 2002, it was a large membership. I’m looking forward to the possibility of getting larger fields for our tournaments, focusing on increasing membership. Hopefully, we can get people to commit more to the Association.

    How did you first get started with golf?

    My 7th grade science teacher was taking lessons. He invited anyone who was interested to watch him practice and learn with him. Five of us showed up—those five of us got hooked! From there, I pushed my dad to start playing with me.

    What is your greatest golf memory or moment?

    I have a couple. This is in no order. When I was 65 years old, I shot 64. It was the first time I broke my age. It also happened on my son’s birthday. A few years ago, my grandson asked me to play in a Parent-Child. He got closest-to-the-hole and we won the tournament. That really got him into golf. Three decades ago I was playing with my youngest daughter. I lipped out for birdie on the first hole. The second hole (a par-5) I reached in two and made birdie. On the 3rd, I made another birdie. On the 4th hole, I was 140 yards out. She said, ‘Why not sink this one?’ It went in.

    Anything you would change with the game?

    Not really. I support anything that improves pace of play. I like the new Rule of leaving the flagstick in even when on the green.

    What is your favorite course and why?

    The reality is, my favorite course is the one I’m playing at the moment. I find something about every course that I like. Shoal Creek, San Francisco Golf Club, The Olympic Club. Those are great treats. Pismo Beach State Golf Course (a par-3 course). It’s enjoyable, a nice setting and I play with my grandson. Also the 9-hole course on Catalina Island. This year will mark our 60th straight year of going there and playing it.

    What courses are still on your wish list?

    Cypress Point Club is definitely on the bucket list. I like to play the courses that host PGA Tour events.

    Who was your biggest golf influence?

    There are two: One, the science teacher who got me started. Two, the company I worked for, I had a supervisor who was an avid golfer. He pushed me into client golf. It was a huge confidence booster working with clients. Most of the Public Works directors were golfers.

    What do you enjoy doing besides golf?

    According to my wife, the second most thing besides playing is watching golf. There’s also the course rating and tournament official stuff. I tape every tournament there is. Golf is a part of almost everything I do. I’ve also always enjoyed yardwork. Also building things. I love making things for my kids and grandkids.

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