• 24th Four-Ball Championship

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    Sign-ups are now available for the SGANC’s 24th Four-Ball Championship, August 23-24.

    To download the full tournament details and registration form, click here.

    To register online, click here.


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    • steve miraglia

      The website will not allow me to register online for the Silverado 4-Ball. Any suggestions!
      Steve Miraglia

    • Steve, on the home page go to “to register on line , click here”, this takes you to the register page . On the top left click register and away you go. Let me know if you have any problems. Fred Quadros

    • Douglas Chaikin


      I ran into the same problem. It says •Membership Registration is currently unavailable.” This after going through the login and also agreeing to the waiver and then pressing register online.



    • I’ve just finished witahcng the new club house coming together again! I really pray that someday I get to see in in person. Right now, I know that my place is here taking care of my mom. She will have her 91st birthday in about a week! She doesn’t remember a lot of things. Last night she asked me what her last name was, and then how it came to be that. But she still knows me, and her grandsons, so she still has something to make her days not all run together. She can be rather trying, but I don’t know how I’ll feel at 91 if I make it there! Her health is, in some ways, better than mine. And she still knits! So on we go on this path until the next cross roads. Until then I would love to win the Soul Restoration tuition! I live on a fixed income, and can’t afford to take the class otherwise.So until things change, this is where you’ll find me.I am grateful for your Brave Girls Club, and the daily emails. Some times readng them is all that keeps me together. Thanks Melody and Kathy and Mr Ross and all the other people, family and friends, who help to make it a success. And how long will it last .as long as there are women who need it!Thanks again, Jessica

    • I just finished Soul I and I loved the etnrie experience and signed up for II. I see that Melody has a new line of papers out that tie in with the class nicely- though not necessary. I really like the way she lays out the class and the way the videos are done. Each component is well thought out and helpful. The process is easy to follow-not so easy to do emotionally, but the exercises are easy to understand and it is easy to see how they are helpful and how they fit into the process. I literally signed up for Soul I five minutes before the sign up closed so I didn’t get the kit and yet I didn’t have a problem using my own supplies from home to make my own minibook and time line. Maybe they weren’t as professional looking and I certainly would have loved to get the kit- I love all sorts of goodies delivered by Fed Ex or UPS. Enjoy yourselves. If you are on the fence I would say take a chance- you’ll be happy you did.

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